Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blogvertise- Make Money from your Blog!

What it Pays Blogvertise payout rates vary and are frequently based on popularity/traffic of the blog. The current payout rate for new accounts is $4 - $25 per entry. Most  fall into the $5-15 range. So if you are assigned 10 writing tasks,complete them and are approved, you will earn $50-150 dollars. If there appears to be little or no content and/or if the blog was just setup very recently, your blog be given "Probation status|. You will still receive tasks, however the payout rate is $2.00 per assignment. Payout increases are done on a case by case basis. After completing 5 tasks, you may contact them for approval of a payout increase.

 What you need An online journal / blog and a PayPal account.See the rules and guidelines to see if your blog qualifies.

Cost- FREE It is free to register your blog and add your blog to the system for approval What you do

  1.    1. Set up a PayPal account
  2.     2. Set up a blog. I find that blogger is the easiest to set up, but check their free blog services page for websites that offer free blogging website software tools and services.
  3.    3. Register your blog
  4.    4. Get a task.Once approved, your blog goes into the assignment queue. The blogsvertise administrator then assigns writing tasks for what our advertisers want you to mention in your blog.
  5. 5. Write your blog.You can discuss it however you want, compliment it, review it, discuss how it relates to something going on recently or in the past in your life, or even complain about it. As part of their service, you are encouraged to express your own opinion. Advertisers are not allowed to request "positive only" advertising. Your blog/entry should be at least 100 words and should contain at least 1 link to the advertisers' website.
 Get Paid  Payments are made 30 days after your assigned task has been approved. Your task must be submitted back to the system by you for approval by the administrator before you will be paid.
Click HERE to Register Your Blog.

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  1. I just received my first assignment from Blogvertise. Watch for it popping up later today!


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