Friday, February 21, 2014

Creating Mobile Friendly EBooks Using 2ePub [Tutorial]

How Can You Make eBooks Mobile Friendly? Try 2EPub!

2EPUB, a free online program allows you to convert your files to various ebook formats, including ePub ePub format, the standard format for ebooks, supported by almost every reading device including iPad, iPhone, iPod, Sony Reader, BeBook, Nook, Kobo (for Kindle use .mobi). Have you ever used 2ePub? I wanted to offer my potential subscribers a free ebook, so I decided to try out 2ePub . Here's my experience:

2ePub Preparing Your Document

First I needed to create a document in a format that could be accepted by 2ePub. 2ePub Input formats include:
  • azw3
  • doc,
  • docx,
  • epub, 
  • fb2, 
  • html, 
  • lit,
  • lrf, 
  • mobi, 
  • odt, 
  • pdb, 
  • pdf, 
  • prc, 
  • rtf, 
  • txt
You may have a document already in one of these formats. Which format do you prefer using? 2ePub allows you to convert up to 5 files with a maximum of 25 MB. You can either upload files from your computer or input urls. 

2ePub Step 1. Inputting the Document

Inputting your document into 2ePub is simple, just click Browse or url, then and chose up to 5 files to upload. You can stop uploading files at any point, but it will stop uploading all 5 files.
image 2ePub shows browse and url buttons
2 Epub Step 1. Inputting Documents

2ePub Step 2. Set Parameters And Convert

Next, you can choose to input a title, an author's name, and encoding for each individual file that you have uploaded or leave them set at 'Auto'., then press convert for the files to be converted into ePub or another format.
Step 2 2ePub Choosing Parameters

2ePub Step 4. Download Your Completed ePub Files

Downloading the files from 2ePub is simple, either right click each file and save separately, or download a zip file of all 5 of your converted files.
image 2ePub Step 4 Download converted files screen shot shows five files ready to be downloaded
Step 4. 2ePub -Download Converted Files

2ePub My Comments

Converting files to ePub using the free online converter is quick and easy. I was surprised that the 5 files weren't integrated into one document. I do wish there were a bit more information on the site to tell me what to do with my newly converted files though. I originally found out about 2ePub on a site that is currently down. When or if, it will be back in service remains to be seen.
Searching the internet I found the following articles that mentioned 2ePub. Perhaps you will find them useful too:
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