Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Augsburg Fortress –Writers/Reviewers Get Paid

Teachers with Congregational Experience Ideally Suited for Augsburg Fortress

Are you a teacher,active in the life of your church? Augsburg Fortress may be the right for you.  I found this opportunity through digging into the background of one of my Google Adsense ads. Everything I could find on this site seems to indicated it as above board. While the site does not promise how much it pays for submissions, it doesn’t ask you for money to publish your book either.I just applied to be a reviewer with Augsburg Fortress, so we’ll see how it goes!

Here are their Submission Guidelines:

Congregational Life and Learning Submission Guidelines

Who are we?
The Congregational Life and Learning team within Augsburg Fortress works to provide congregations with materials and resources for group and individual use that nurture faith, foster learning, and promote spiritual renewal among children, youth, adults, and families over a lifetime of faith practice.

How Can We Work Together?
Freelance writers work with our editors and create all of our resources on a write-for-hire basis. As we develop resources for congregations, we look for experienced writers with expertise in their area and an understanding of children, youth, adults, and theology, who can clearly communicate the message of God's love and grace in active, inspiring, developmentally-appropriate ways.

If you are interested in writing resources for us, please download and submit the information as outlined below. (All downloads are Microsoft® Word documents.)

Prospective Writer Information

For Children and Youth Resources:
Sunday School Sample Briefing
Here We Stand Confirmation Sample Briefing
For Adult Resources:
Adult Bible Study Sample Briefing
Christ in Our Home Devotional Sample Briefing


Reviewers work with our editors and evaluate manuscripts for audience appropriateness, biblical and theological content, teaching and learning methods, and inclusiveness. An honorarium is given for each review. If you are interested in reviewing resources for us, please download and submit the following information form.

Prospective Reviewer Information

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Save the appropriate samples, your resume, and completed information form as electronic files and submit them to Congregational Life and Learning Submissions at cllsub@augsburgfortress.org.

Please allow up to sixteen weeks for a response.

Augsburg Fortress

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  1. This company also purchases photos for church bulletins.


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