Thursday, December 30, 2010

ConsumerSearch Writing Jobs

Skills Needed

Writing for ConsumerSearch requires uncommon research and analytical skills. Contributors need to be detail oriented, critical and organized, and must be able to adapt to their format and tone. Assignments are research-heavy in a 'leave-no-stone-unturned' way. Are you the kind of person who spends 25 hours researching toasters before buying one? If so, you might have the right aptitude for ConsumerSearch. Freelance writers and editors sought to join's team., owned by,  is part of The New York Times Company.

Successful Application Tips

  1. Read a report or two on their site.  See what they do and; how it's done.
  2. See the About Us page for an explanation of the site.
  3. See the FAQ page for more on how they compile the most comprehensive product reviews online.
  4. Prepare a sample report. The sample report  helps them understand your analytical abilities and writing style. Completion of the sample report is not paid.
  5. Get your tentative assessment If they like what they see, they will make a further, paid, writing assignment.
Note: Their report structure is very rigid—some writers really like working within this structure, while others don't. It's hard to tell until you try it.

 Report Writing Tips

1. Test multiple competing products.

  • Compare the latest gadgets, improvements etc.  Tell  how you  picked the items you  tested.  Test things  most experts would consider important , and test products multiple times. Explain your test process.
  • Compare multiple competing products. Clearly document detailed results Point out pluses and minuses.

2. Check that your review is inline with the top picks of other reviewers, or give convincing reasons that your review is better.

3. Write about what you know. Review items in your field of expertise. (Everyone is an expert on something.)

4. This firm requires an extensive and convincing methodological approach. Clone a top rated report for best results.

Get Paid Min.$350 Rates for freelance writing vary according to the writer and the report, but are never less than $350. Compensation also fluctuates according to how much work is required and depending on talent of the writer. To us, talent is everything, and we set our pay scales accordingly. ConsumerSearch does pay a kill fee for work that they cannot publish.

Related Opportunities

Experts sought: Pay- min. $725 per month Check the  jobs page at to see if a guide is needed in your area of expertise.

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