Monday, March 7, 2011

Get More Traffic Write for Links

Writing articles in your area of expertise can help bring queries to your door for writing assignments. Many websites look for content and are more than willing to give you the ability to link to your LinkedIn profile, blog, or other appropriate site.

When choosing to submit your article to a site, bear in mind the audience, and be sure to check the writers’ guidelines for any clauses regarding ownership of your work. If you have a question, be sure to get the answer in writing, as well. I asked Family matters on Twitter,if they offered back links to authors and they do. However, you will want to be get confirmation of this yourself. Here are the writer’s guidelines from Family Matters:

Writers for FAMILY MATTERS are people who can’t wait to pitch their next article to our editors.  They come to us with enthusiasm and zeal to create fun, entertaining articles.  Our contributors are people of all ages who bring their own experiences, and passion to FAMILY MATTERS readers.
Our mandate is to be an online destination for Families to communicate, teach and learn from each other in a friendly, upbeat manner.
Type of Article
1.  First Person reports. Advice as seen through your eyes.
2.  Tips and How To articles.
3.  Interviews
4.  Regular themed columns.
Our readers enjoy happy, informative articles where they can learn from your piece or identify with your content. 
300-500 words, pictures welcome
You own all rights to your own articles.
During this stage of FAMILY MATTERS, we do not pay writers. However, we have a large social media following, and promote you and your work.  We also support your writing efforts in other forums, and encourage you to grow in your writing.  FAMILY MATTERS has strong public relations and media contacts and will assist you as a writer.  As we grow our website earnings, we will offer writers compensation.

Click here to go to the submission form at Family Matters.

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