Friday, November 4, 2011

10 of the Best Job Boards for Freelance Blogging & Writing Gigs | TentBlogger

Looking for Freelance Writing Jobs?

Where do you find freelance writing jobs?I've been quite successful getting some jobs through Blogsvertise.. John shared his top ten choices for frelance job boards and tips for landing freelance jobs in a recent article on his site Tent Blogger. Check out the list below, and please share your experiences with searching for freelance writing jobs .
Choosing Freelance Writing Job Boards

John notes the importance of finding job boards suited to your expertise and interest, and that you can find a number of great job boards by running a Google search, however the following 10 boards are ones he used most frequently for freelance writing jobs. Have you used any of these job boards?
Here are John's top ten choices for freelance writing job boards:
Top Ten Freelance Writing Job Boards According to Tent Blogger:

Check out these 10 sites:

1. ProBlogger Jobs
2. Blogging Pro
3. Craigslist
4. Indeed Blogger Jobs
5. Simply Hired
6. Freelance Writing Gigs
7. PoeWar
8. Freelance Switch
10. Blogger Jobs
Bonus!  Twitter is a resource John didn’t use when he was searching for freelance writing jobs, but would seriuosly consider today if he were looking for freelance writing jobs.

Which job boards have you successfully used for finding freelance writing jobs? Are there any companies, or job boards you would not reccommend? Please share with our community!

About Tent Blogger:

Tent Blogger is an interesting site full of tips for bloggers, but freelance writers will also want to tap into the great resources John offers. In his latest column, John offers the above list of his top choices for searching for freelance writing and blogging jobs.  John also offers a few helpful tips that may help you land freelance writing jobs Read John's Full article:

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