Friday, February 21, 2014

#FMFParty Five Minute Fridays - Writers Encouraging Writers - Link Up!

Writing Encouragement For Writers - Five Minute Fridays

Lisa Jo Baker has been spearheading a Five Minute Friday movement for four years, linking authors together to encourage each other in their writing. Are you interested in linking up?

Five Minute Friday - How It Works

Authors participating in Five Minute Friday write for 5 minutes straight on a common word posted on Lisa Jo Baker's Blog- no editing- just write! After posting their contribution, they add it to the linky provided on Lisa Jo Baker's Blog.  Next comes the encouraging part- visit the piece posted by the person ahead of you, and leave an encouraging comment. If you are on Twitter, then you can follow along with the hashtag #FMFParty.
Will you be taking part in Five Minute Fridays? Here is the link to the current Five Minute Friday topic:

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  1. Have you tried writing for 5 minutes straight on a topic? How did you do?


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