Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ever Wonder What Romance Pays?

Romance and Young Adult Authors Receive Less Than Imagined!

SV.jpgWhile some writers of Young Adult fiction,or Romance hit the big time, it is a labour of love for most. Brenda Hiatt, author of numerous romance novels, including 1999's Best Romance novel of the year, SCANDALOUS VIRTUE, prepared and published a very informative report detailing what American Publishing houses pay for romance and young adult books.

About Show Me the Money by Brenda Hiatt

'Show Me the Money'. Ms. Hiatt's report on what romance and young adult fiction authors are paid by American publishing houses, consists of years of input from numerous authors. The current alphabetical list includes over 50 American publishing houses with helpful information such as average advances paid, and royalties paid.
'Show Me the Money', is a must read for any aspiring writer. You'll definitely want to book mark this site!
Read Brenda Hiatt's 'Show Me the Money'.

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