Sunday, August 14, 2011

Make Money Writing Make Articles!

Make:ProjectsDo you make,or Tweak things/ I stumbled across these writer guidelines while researching QR codes.MAKE is a do-it-yourself technology magazine choc full of fascinating info that is written by makers.Projects include everything from making plastic plant pots to Barn raising,to biofeedback devices.Make pays $25 to $100 for a review. Payment for other types of content are negotiated.

MAKE Submissions:

When writing for MAKE, use your voice. Tell them the story behind your project. There are four types of content in Make: Projects, Features, Reviews, and Everything Else related to do-it-yourself technology.

Make Reviews

Make wants recommendations of gadgets, tools, web sites, newsletters, instructional videos, books, magazines, CD-ROMs, or instruments you already own and love. First person recommendations of 50 - 250 words should be emailed to Arwen O'Reilly Griffith, staff editor at Make with the subject line 'Toolbox'. They want to hear about your involvement with the item you are reviewing. Basically they are looking for a letter telling them why they should devote space to your item.

Make Projects

Did you make or tweak something,and want to teach others how to do it too? They'd like to publish it in their projects section.Make publishes two kinds of projects: 'DIY' - shorter projects, and 'Major Projects' - more complex lengthy projects. These articles should be accompanied by pictures,and can also point to pdfs, videos,and so on.DIY pieces are conversational, and run between 200 and 750 words. 'Major Projects', on the other hand, need to be submitted to fit their template.
Project Writing Tips: Remember - you're the readers' coach. Think of readers as a smart people who just don't know the same things you know. Imagine the questions readers might have about your project. Explain how they can recreate the thing you're writing about.

Make Features

Make also has several sections with articles about interesting things made by people or groups of people. 'Made on Earth' is a section with large photos of projects and their makers, along with 200-word stories about them. 'Maker' is a longer profile of a dedicated maker-of-cool-things. They also publish 600 to 1,000-word articles about groups, companies, clubs, and technologies relating to DIY projects.

Everything Else

Make is also interested in ideas involving DIY technology, that don't fit in any of the above categories. Funny stories of projects gone awry, strange experiences while making something, surprising experiences involving DIY. Make it interesting,and they'll run it. Now what should I write about-hmm- how I learned to always keep one hand in your pocket when pointing out a flyback,or simple easy instructions for destroying a VCR using magnetic door signs?
See full details about submitting articles to Make at

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