Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WriterPressed Mobile Site!

Yes! Writer Pressed Is Mobile friendly!

Writers using mobile devices increase daily.Using a mobile device can be vry helpful for jotting notes on the go. Do you use a mobile device? What do you like best about the device you are using? What challenges have you overcome? What challenges do you still face? Please share your comments below,and feel free to share a link to your blogpost about writing on the go with a mobile device.

My Mobile Writing Experiences

Earlier this year,after interviewing a local business owner who had no computer, I realized how useful it would be to have a mobile device of some sort to show people my writing for proofing.

Aloud I said, "You know what God? It would be handy to have something I could take around with me,so people could see the work I do,and understand it a bit better."

I went onto one of my Twitter accounts. The first Tweet in my stream was from Paul Birwell Photography Studio offering the rise of an iPad. On his site,I discovered there were only 30 minutes left in the contest. Quickly,I completed the contest form. The next morning I received an email :
Over 5,000 people entered this contest,and you won! Congratulations!
Some people say I was really lucky. Me? I know what I asked for,and I know what I received.

IPad Writing Experiences Mixed Results

The iPad has been an invaluable tool, allowing me to show people work right on the spot,edit work to their satisfaction, and get approval right away. Using the iPad has not been without its frustrations, for example any site using flash is inaccessible. This site and my other blogsites avoid the use of flash. However,I have found much of my online work still requires a desktop due to flash programs. For example: editing YouTube videos, rearranging blogger content, or uploading pictures to Facebook pages using an iPad are puzzles that vex me daiky. Something I would like to be able to use on the iPad is my favourite blogging tool: Windows Live Writer. Currently, I'm blogging with a combination of Blogger for iPhone and emailing posts to my blog. Blogger for iPhone is a free APP,but it has many limitations,so I'm thinking about splurging on the upgraded version. You can read more about the tecnical part of my online life at Blogged Tips. What blogging APPS do you recommend?

Access Writer Pressed Mobile Site

Scan the QR Code below to access our mobile site.Please be sure to drop me a comment if you experience problems while accessing this site using your mobile device, so I can improve it.

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