Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our News - Publish Local News Online!

Local news drowned out by news from larger centres?

Publishing your local news online can be rewarding. You can get your local news out, establish a readership,and even make a living keeping people informed about current events in your area. 'Our News' can help you accomplish this and more. 'Our News' program uses the power of integrated targeted Social Media syndication to help you deliver the news to your target audience and more.'Our News' like many innovations,was born out of a need. In February 2011, Suzanne S. received three phone calls in a row that ended with 'Too bad we don't have the local paper anymore.' Suzanne used  her skills to create an online newspaper for the rural area surrounding her village,and her local news eFlyer was born.
After responding to numerous queries from people in squished neighbourhoods,and rural areas around the world,Suzanne set up the 'Our News' network. The 'Our News' Network is an exclusive training program open only by invitation to people wishing to broadcast their local news online.If you would like to be part of the 'Our News' network, Please leave a comment below.

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