Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday? #DropALine! What Would You Give up for Your Writing?

Nai'lah Carter Asks -What Would you Give Up For Your Writing? 

Each Thursday, Nai'lah posts a  question each week for writers to ponder and respond with their answers hashtagged: # #DropALine THIS Thursday, the question is What Would you Give Up For Your Writing?

Fountian pen writing What have you given up for writing? My list is embarrassingly inane.
Faountain pen from Wikimedia
Good question Nai'lah - especially since this is the beginning of the Lenten period. What would I give up for writing?  I know that I have given up very little for writing in comparison to many who must secrete their writing away or risk imprisonment or death. Would I be brave enough to do that? Would you?
Fortunately,  I do not live where my writing would necessitate my giving up my freedom to write. Or is it that I have not yet created a piece important enough to require me to choose between liberty and writing? 

Giving Up Things For Writing - Past

Hmmmm. .. So the things I have given up to write are pretty trivial. However, is it giving up or trading? So far I have chosen writing over:-
  • Snow shovelling,
  • Outings, 
  • TV, 
  • Movies,  
  • Sewing,  
  • Crocheting,
  • Baking, 
  • Dancing, and ..
when on the verge of inspiration - I have even given up
  • Food, and
  • Sleep.

Giving Up Things For Writing - Future

I can see myself gladly sacrificing many more things for writing. For example:
  • Oven cleaning,
  • Ironing, 
  • Grass cutting, 
  • Weeding, 
  • Cleaning Silver, 
  • Stuffing Mushrooms. 
Many of these activities can be delegated or avoided altogether. However, with a few exceptions,  I will be able to return to these activities at another time. Would I be willing to give up my freedom for my writing? In all honesty, there are days when I think I would be happy to be somewhere secluded without any interruptions  to my train of thought.-Just me, my lap top and the internet -that possibility of someone actually reading what I have written is the kindling to my writing fire. Would I give up my freedom for my writing? That is difficult to say. Would you?
What would you give up for your writing? What have you given up for writing?
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