Sunday, October 26, 2014

Emergency Preparedness Site Pays $25 + Per Post!

Non-Fiction and Fiction Writers! Could you Write Emergency Preparedness Posts?

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Bloggers could make $25 per post from this website specializing in preparing for emergencies. Here in Canada, we've had some major winter emergencies when people were without electricity for several weeks, and in other countries, like Japan, they've  had emergencies that were much worse. If you have some tips you could share in a post, you could make $25 or more. What is the website looking for?
Glad You asked!

Emergency Prep Website Pays Writers $25 Per Post

Get Paid for Writing - Write Survival Posts
Looking to get paid for writing? If you enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, going off grid, or apocalyptic writing, this may be a market for you. This website is looking for articles detailing different emergency projects you’ve done or ways that you're prepping that no one else may be talking or even thinking about. Posts that give in-depth step by step instructions with accompanying pictures are preferred, and they will also entertain "prepper" related fiction if it's good. Some topics on their website include:

  • Survival Gear
  • Survival Skills
  • Emergency Medical
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Food Production
  • Food Storage
  • Gardening Tools
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Hunting Gear Reviews

The website is willing to pay $25 per post, and even more if it's excellent.
Here are a few guidelines to consider for proposing posts:

  •  Must Be On Topic Check out the current topics on their menu
  •  Must Contain Original Non Copy-written Pictures ie photos
  •  Must Be A Minimum of 750 Words 
  • Provides Specific How To Or Very Entertaining Content
  • Must Be 100% Original -test it with Grammerly
  • Cannot Be Overly Self Promotional
  • Can’t Contain Affiliate Links 
  • Should Be A Pleasure To Read 
Bottom line- they're paying for content, so they'll only accept great writing.

How to Apply to Get Paid for your Writing

Think you’ve got what it takes?  Send them an email with at least 3 article ideas. Include your proposed title,  and a short description as to what your articles will cover. Anything else will be deleted. They suggest including links to examples of your work or including them as an attachment, but I couldn't find an email address on their site only a contact form. Therefore, you might mention this in your submission through the contact form.
Bottom Line - Get paid about a bit over .03 per word - not a mint, but better than a kick in the but, and you could negotiate a link to your website for more traffic.
For more information on this writing opportunity, see the link to the website in related links below.
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